Motocross in Muscat

On your evening commute to Seeb, you might not realize it, but just off the Sultan Qaboos Highway, very near the offices where we deal with our licenses and car registrations, is the Oman Automobile Association, a little oasis for Muscat’s motor sport enthusiasts. I was there a couple nights ago making some photos of 8 year-old motocross rider, Kasper, and his 14 year old brother, Simen.

A mere 50 meters to the north, drifting enthusiasts marked their presence on a large concrete track with huge plumes of white smoke. Fifty meters to the south, perched at the property’s highest point, sits a 950 meter go-kart track where competitors in international karting competitions train and nine year-olds celebrate their birthday parties on weekends.

This is Abdullah Al Rawahi, a talented go-karter who competes in Europe and around the Gulf region.


Aside from these, there are more dirt tracks and apparently a couple different kinds of paved strips.

Kasper and Simen are prominent members of a small but fervent group of motocross riders that regularly practice and compete on these grounds. I know the family and offered to come out and take some shots, chew some dust, and drink many of their bottles of water. It was exhausting just watching Kasper’s dad and the father of another three young riders running around making sure their boys were safe and their bikes were starting after they tipped them.


The boys were good sports. It’s not just any rider who is willing to suit up as the temperature nears 40 degrees.


Interested in learning more about the OAA? The website has information and directions.


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    Beautiful shots. Stay cool

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