Photo of the Week – Bboy Engine

Bboy Engine  - Action
I enjoyed a fun photo shoot this past week with Bboy Engine. I had just shot the BC One Cypher in the parking garage of the Muscat Grand Mall. It was probably close to 40 degrees (104F) and I’d consumed literally 10 bottles of water and was still thirsty. It was such a fun event and no one in the audience seemed to really care that it was so hot. We finished happy and completely drenched in sweat.

I’d already packed up and headed into the mall to edit my photos with a blended coffee in hand when I got a call telling me that they’d gotten the spotlight set up and that we could do the shoot we’d envisioned the week before. I grudgingly left the A/C and went back to the parking garage and I’m glad I did. It was a wicked shoot. Bboy Engine, the Cypher champion, was a great sport. The smoke machine added a magical element. Here are some more.

Bboy Engine  - Action

Bboy Engine  - Action

Bboy Phoenix - Action

The judges of the event are three of the best bboys in the world: Bboy Lil’ G, Bboy Wing, and Bboy Pelezinho.

Lil G, Pelezinho, and Wing - Portrait

Bboy Lil G from Venezuela
Bboy Lil G - Portrait

Bboy Wing from Korea
Bboy Wing - Portrait
Here’s an article with more of my images and some video, as well. Start watching videos and you might just get hooked!

Want more? Check out 12 year-old Shigekix winning the BC One in Osaka. He’s the future.


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