Red Bull Bike Tour

Had an amazing weekend shooting two Red Bull riders here for the Red Bull Bike Tour. Here’s a press release summing it all up:

The Red Bull Bike Tour concludes after week-long tour in Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa and Salalah.
The Red Bull Bike Tour was a week-long event that was action-packed and adrenaline-fuelled until the very last show. Two world champion riders from two different disciplines travelled across the Sultanate performing several times a day in Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa and Salalah from March 11 until March 18.

Touring the country, Kenny Belaey, of Belgium, was impressed by the landscape and thoroughly enjoyed a training session in Wadi Shab. With its dramatic rock formations and emerald-green water, the nine time world champion described the canyon-like valley as “the most amazing place; I cannot describe how much I enjoyed Wadi Shab. Biking there is a dream come true for me.”

Talking about his experience, the trial biker said: “I think Oman is the best country in the Middle East, not only because of the landscape, which I like a lot being an outdoor person, but also because of the vibe. The trial biker previously visited Oman in 2010 and is familiar with the region having performed in Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Talking about his future plans, Belaey added: “Next time I come back to Oman I will look for another challenge to ride my bike, I’m sure there is something out there.”

Also on the tour, the number one flatland rider in the world today, Viki Gomez, did not disappoint during the week-long event with his originality. The world champion, who has travelled to more than 45 countries, showcased his innovative riding style becoming much more technical with new tricks that involve not grasping the saddle, kick flips and many more. Gomez has previously won the European X Games Championship twice and the Asia Championship twice in Japan.

Shortly after concluding the tour, Gomez said: “Oman is a beautiful country and people here are really friendly. Once someone in the crowd starts cheering everyone joins in. There was a great atmosphere and energy at all the shows and people were really enjoying it. I hope to come back to Oman in the future and see more people on bikes; once people start riding bikes they feel happier and healthier. We are here to show people what you can do with a bike – so upgrade your lifestyle!”

Enthusiastic spectators witnessed the duo performing several times a day for eight days across the Sultanate at various venues including, but not limited to, The Middle East College of Information Technology, Horizon Gym Azaiba, LuLu (Salalah, Bousher, Nizwa), Juwiera Boutique Hotel, Salalah College of Technology,Markaz Al Bahja, Fun Zone, Zouk, Muscat Grand Mall, Oman Dive Centre, University of Nizwa, Safeer Mall, Wadi Hotel, GU Tech and Scientific college of Design.



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  1. Carol says:

    Ahhh, the photos! I am looking forward to them.

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